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We sell match accessories at Strike A Match in Atlanta, GA. From striker sheets to glass holders, you can count of our online store to have options for you. Melissa Moore, our shop’s owner and designer, has been operating the business for over six years.

Glass Match Holder And Matches

Words From Strike A Match’s Owner

Melissa Moore, Designer

I have been a candle and incense lover for years and have always preferred using matches to light them.
While browsing pottery at an art festival in Atlanta in 1994, I saw these neat handmade oil warmers and incense holders, and I thought "what if" there was something similar to hold my matches and have a striking surface of some kind.
Fast forward through several years of research and experiments, discovering the world of antique match holders and strikers, learning more about match production than I ever wanted to know, and *most* importantly -- finding the right containers I was looking for and matchstick manufacturers that sold sheets of match striking surface -- and here we are.
That of course is a very condensed version of how this all went down, but bottom line, persistence is what got these match holders to the market. I have been in business since the summer of 2011 and looking forward to connecting to more and more match lovers each year.

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